17 Things to Expect at Semuc Champey.

I have been pondering on this latest post for a few days now trying to find the right words to describe the unforgettable experience I had at Semuc Champey, during our time in Lanquin, Guatemala. I can’t really tell you exactly how I felt because my emotions ranged from excited and overwhelmingly amazed, to nervous and down right terrified. It was truly the most memorable day I have had to date during my time in Central America. You know, one of those days you’ll never forget. As a person who is overly worrisome, and sometime anxious, I left our day tour of Semuc Champey feeling braver than I did after swimming with sharks, and as relaxed as I had been after going slow for two weeks on Caye Caulker.

If you are ever in Guatemala, give this place the number one spot on your list of places to see. Its a hidden gem, and a bit of a trek, but absolutely worth the ride.

And, since we all seem to respond better to Lists…

Here is 15 things you can likely expect during your day trip to Semuc Champey:

1. A bumpy ride in the back of a pickup, and a possible game or two of chicken with oncoming traffic.

2. Cheering on hitchhikers as they try to run and jump onto the moving truck.

3. Children fighting for your affections, and subsequently your promised beer purchase later on.

4. Exploring a pitch dark cavern with only a roman candle leading the way.

5. Getting your face painted with an unknown substance. (Still praying it wasn’t bat shit)

6. Realizing you all look like like your in a cult.

7. Feeling as though your drowning when the waist deep water your in suddenly drops off, drenching your candle, and sending you into complete darkness.

8. Climbing a waterfall, and immediately wishing you hadn’t once you swimsuit readjusts itself, leaving you baring all.

9. Ruining your perfectly good running shoes. (Bring practical sandals for the water people)

10. River tubing, while the previous child of your choice chucks ice cold canned beer at your head from ashore.

11. Being drunk enough after river tubing to feel brave enough to jump off a 15m bridge. (You won’t even feel it right?)

12. Hiking a pretty strenuous run, and regretting all the beer you just consumed.

13. Falling down the slippery stairs on the way back down because your legs feel like jello.

14. Swimming in crystal clear, emerald green natural pools.

15. Face planting into the water several times on the slippery moss covered rocks in said emerald green pools.

16. Getting a massive wedgie as a result of being thrown down natural water slides.

17. Having the time of your life.

But sometimes, pictures truly are worth more than a thousand words.

(Or in my case, four hundred and sixty-one.)


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