Relecting in San Jose, Costa Rica.

I’m sorry if I seemed a bit cynical in my last post. Though I didn’t find necessarily what I was looking for in San Juan Del Sur, I cannot say that my time there was a complete waste. I was surrounded by 6 great people with whom I had grown to love individually. We spent days, sometimes doing nothing but watching seasons of game of thrones. We always had great conversations, and shared our stories, really getting to know more about one another. I learned from each and every one of them, and was once again reminded just how beautiful it is to be unique. I mean, if we were all the same, I’d imagine we would never laugh, never learn, never truly be.

For the last 6 weeks Reese, Jac, Matt, Corey, Stu and Max had been my family. We looked out for one another. We teased and embarrassed each other like any good family does. We even got into arguments with one another from time to time because that’s just how comfortable we were together. We were honest. I found I could be myself, and could let all my guards down and completely let go. They treated me equally, never like “a girl”, I was their wing-man at the bar, and if anyone was bothering me, they were my boyfriends.

We were this rock band full of weirdo’s in our own way. Completely ourselves, and never treating each other with disrespect. We made meals together, sharing the chores. We cuddled on couches because there was never enough space, and slept on each other shoulders on the long drives. Though I was the first to go to bed the night before I left, everyone still got up early in the morning to say goodbye, Matt even walked me all the way just to be safe. They made me feel like I was home, and even though I’m not a massive fan of raves, I am a huge lover of friendship. I was actually quite sad when I decided it was time for me to leave the group.

Even though I didn’t get to see the baby turtles, I was truly grateful to have met and spent time with this wonderful group of travelling souls. We could have sat inside playing countless games of Yannif, never leaving the room and I’d have been happy.

To be honest, I think I was so hard on Sunday Funday because I was tired. I had spent way more than I thought I would because we stayed so long in Caye Caulker. I was broke, and I was tired. Had that party fallen within the first week of our trip, maybe I’d have dominated. Maybe I would have still broken my phone, but would have also had the money to do other excursions in an effort to comfort myself. So maybe I was a little biased. Or maybe, I still would have felt the same way I do.

So when I was sitting on the bus on the way out, more than the disappointment, I felt the exhaustion of a trip well-had. I had been day dreaming about London for some time, and my excitement for the North had me a little bit over the South.

Ten days of a solo adventure awaiting me, from Nicaragua to Panama, and all I wanted to do was eat some sushi, lie on a beach and get a good tan. I mean without a tan what was my trip for anyway;)?…Just kidding. But as it was, I was on the budget of a cheap backpacker, and headed to the more expensive areas. All I could see in my future horizon was more rice and beans and perhaps if I saved on alcohol maybe one good meal. If I was good.

When I finally got to San Jose, and all I wanted to do was sleep, but this Arachnologist had other plans for me, and the two of us ended up getting drunk on a bottle of Rum. To be honest he was probably mad because who in their right mind chooses to work with poisonous spiders! We did have several good laughs, we were an odd pairing. He showed me his anti-venom, 23 bites and counting he would go on to tell me. I finally decided it was time to go to bed when I spilled my last drink on me.

I woke up the next day with a splitting hangover, and decided that I would make my way around town… to the nearest McDonald’s (the $1.69 menu we have in Canada, tastes even better when its a 60cent menu). When I finally came to the realization that my headache wasn’t going away, I retreated back to my dorm and ended up elbow deep in some popcorn while watch Netflix for the remainder of the day. Season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy, its only getting worse, still I cannot seem to stop. (

Side note, stay at Costa Rica Backpackers when your in San Jose, the staff is absolutely delightful!)

I took a cab to the bus station, and caught a Bus to Puerto Viejo at 8am the next morning. By this time I had learned just how much money you save by taking public transport vs. a shuttle. Sure it was sweatier, even more crowded, and oversold so people were literally sitting on the floors in the aisle, but its less than half price. And, I was happy, I could hear the beach calling my name, and I could taste the Caribbean coastline. 8 days of complete relaxation before I head home…


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