My wanderlust began a couple years back; torn between wanting to figure out the rest of my life, or simply living as every day was laid before me. My mother would say I am reckless, irresponsible and don’t think past a second. My close friends however, admire these qualities about me, and would be right beside me, should I ever have the misfortune of ending up in the back of a police car.

Reckless, maybe. I tend to break everything around me, slip on the tiny patch of ice on an otherwise safe road, and frequently hip check walls. But irresponsible, no. I’ve been taking care of myself since I was 15, and despite the stress that follows you into adulthood have done a fine job. And while I might make impulse decisions every once in a while, I think far past a second, in fact sometimes my thoughts consume me.

I think mostly about my life, what it means to me, and what I want out of it. After all, we only have one. I’ve always wanted to inspire, change someones life, and make people think differently about the world. The world that were supposed to conform to; the one where go to school, get a job, settle down, and pro-create and take our place in the world of robots, rush hour, caffeine and stress wrinkles. Make money – that’s what my mother has instilled in me. Don’t depend on anyone but yourself, work hard and reap the benefits when you have it all. But I think her idea of what “it all” is was lost to me when I removed myself from her hold and started thinking for myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother to death and am so proud of her accomplishments. She has raised 3 intelligent daughters, and run her own business on her own for the past 25 years. But I wish I had met her when she was 22, I would have told her to slow down and enjoy life, stop worrying about her future so much, and just live. Meet new people, learn new things, make mistakes and struggle because it builds you. There is more to life than money, and you can take comfort in the teachings of strangers, and completely find out who you are before you simply decide to be someone. Take a moment to realize that all you need in this life is to make the most of it, and live everyday like its your last because time is not guaranteed. Know that it is okay to be careless, silly, free.

Though she would never admit it, I think my mother might have a curiosity on the ideas I’ve expressed about life, and would love to see if my perfect world plays out the way I envision it. I do however, have a younger sister, nearing the age of 21, maybe even some day a daughter. And while I wouldn’t want them to completely follow in my footsteps, hope that through my experiences, I can maybe inspire them to open their minds to the possibilities beyond the confines of their comfort zones.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. We are only growing when we are out of our comfort zones. Traveling is the most amazing and life changing experience in the world – to be around new cultures, new languages and to revel in the beauty of each moment – every tiny detail becomes a miracle! Stoked you’re on your journey 🙂

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